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Oxygen is the gaseous compound of two bonded oxygen atoms. The atmosphere contains approximately 20% oxygen making this element often one of the most difficult to remove from a large fire. 

Heat is one of the three elements involved in every fire. The higher the heat levels the stronger and faster a flame can spread. However, this is the easiest and targeted element in distinguishing fires. 

Fuel can be any combustible item such as, but not limited to: Wood, Paper, Clothing, Chemicals, or Gases. Removing the fuel source from a fire will extinguish it. 

Elements of Fire

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Fire-Ade Inc. has been a leading provider for fire protection needs for businesses, non profits, and even residential since 1971. Fire-Ade Inc. has developed a keen knowledge through experience and exceptional customer service that has created thousands of completely satisfied customers. We pride ourselves in providing top notch customer service behind the phones, and in the field. By providing some of the highest quality equipment, installation and maintenance, in the market today, we can ensure that your business is in compliance with local, state, and federal fire codes.  If you are looking for a fire protection service look no further. To find out more about us Click Here or Contact us today!

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